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Seeds of Love

It’s a snowy, blowy, ccccold day
here in south-western Montana.
An easy day to
feel blue,
But, there is a remedy!

Are you feeling blue?
Take time to plant seeds of love.
You’ll be the blossom.

This may not look much like “Seeds of Love,” but if you were not feeling well, your husband is just home after being hospitalized for a week or so after surgery, and I called to say I was bringing you dinner, you might feel the love. Wouldn’t you?

I sprinkled it with “seeds of love” (I used celery seeds) and off I went.

I feel warmer already!
There’s no better way to
cheer yourself up
than to reach out with love
to cheer up someone else.

Who needs your “Seeds of Love” today?

See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Seeds of Love" (8)

  1. What did you make? I can’t tell what it is. But it’s super thoughtful of you for sure!

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    • It’s a pot roast with carrots, potatoes and gravy. I already had scooped out all the carrots & half the rest before I took the picture of what was left for our dinner.

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  2. An act of love, indeed.

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  3. I neeeeeed that recipe, momma! Would you please send it to me?

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  4. Oh Jan!!!! You’re beyond awesome! ❤️

    Thanks so much for living out LOVE AND INSPIRATION here on WP! ⭐️✨💫

    I created a special BEE LOVE AWARD and nommed you! ⭐️✨💫

    https://passcodelove.com/2019/10/25/bee-love-award 🐝❤️


  5. Dear Jan, I do hope your hubby is well on his way to recovery and with that recipe of love and Yummy food… I am sure he will be his bouncing self in no time.. 🙂 ❤ Sending love and healing thoughts… ❤


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