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I Believe in Angels

Angels all around –
I do believe in angels,
Because you are one.

Photo by Keenan Constance on Pexels.com

You won’t turn your back
And pretend I am not here;
You know I need you.

Photo by Keenan Constance on Pexels.com

Wherever I am,
I feel your presence near me –
Your love surrounds me.

I cannot deny
Your existence in my life.
Angels all around!

Good night, my Angels.
I feel your presence with me.
Have a peaceful sleep.

Comments on: "I Believe in Angels" (6)

  1. I loved this Jan! I’m glad we share a love for angels! I love the one of the angel in the clouds. I took a pic once that reminded me of an Angel in the clouds. 🙂


    • Thank you, Renee. My maiden name is DeAngeles (of angels) and I have an “Angel Room” (my upstairs sanctuary) where my mom’s collection of angels has been augmented with another 20 years of angel gifts from various family and friends. I REALLY AM surrounded by angels! And you are an angel in my blogging world. Thank you!! ❤

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      • 😁❤️ Awe….that is so sweet! You are an angel to me! 😁 That is amazing that your maiden name literally has an angel meaning! I can imagine how beautiful your Angel Room is! ❤️ I named my oldest daughter Angel. When we were deciding what to name her, her dad passed someone while he was driving who had a license plate with the name Angel on it. He then went into a store and saw who use to be his stepmom. He asked about her daughter, whose named was Angel. When he came home and told me this, I told him you won’t believe this, but my mom had shared with me that if I had been born on Christmas Day, she was going to name me that. I was born 12 days before, so she named me Angela instead.

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      • You are destined to have angels in your life! I love that you named your daughter Angel – and the story behind how you chose that name. Our daughter is DeAna (take the tail off the “g” in DeAngeles and eliminate the “eles” and you get “DeAna.” We named one of our Boston Terrier’s Angelo – and when he died of cancer and we got another Boston, we named her Angela! Yes, surrounded by ANGELS in all forms!!


  2. I guess we all have a few – if we are lucky

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