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When Death Sings A Lullaby

Why do there have to be wars? There has always – from that first forbidden fruit to the present day been sin. Sometimes it causes us to be more beastly than the beasts! Where has the love gone in our humanity? Yassy says it best in this poem:


Death  comes upon them
Finite, infinite, definite
Pain and loss huddle into 
A grieving mass of broken hope.

Wondering what they did wrong..
When bombs drown their cries
The blood wipes away their tears
To be alive is to be broken
To be alive is to be wounded
That when they come from the sky
They come from the ground
They hit where it hurts the most
Taking away what you love the most

While the bigwigs sit and talk away at big tables
Drinking from the cup of blood

The universe is frightened
And the stars wonder
Why has man turned from human to beast?

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Comments on: "When Death Sings A Lullaby" (3)

  1. Powerful thoughts and a very powerful poem. Wow. I have often pondered this very thing. Even in the so called ‘Christian’ circles, I’m sadly not seeing much of Christ. That, to me, is tragic most of all. How can we possibly transform hearts with love if all we see is hate? (sigh)

    It is my prayer that love and empathy will begin to rule & reign in hearts and lives. We so desperately need the change! Thank you Jan for sharing your love through this post 💕

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    • Thank you, Holly, for your heartfelt response. I am all about “Loving One Another” – and so that “love and empathy” has to be radiating from me by ruling in MY heart and life before I can expect to find it in the world. It’s just so troublesome that we have so many wars that seem so fruitless and unending!

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  2. A very good question

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