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You Have the Power

You Have the Power

This post is dedicated to my #1 Grandson.
He recently graduated from college,
received his well-earned diploma,
and has a couple of part-time jobs,
equaling 100% employment.
It was not an easy road,
but he has tenacity…
He stuck with it.
He did it!

I am so proud of him!


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Happiness is living life true
In a way that allows you
To be all God made you to be
And doing it on a path of integrity.

No one says it will be easy.
Sometimes it’s light and breezy,
But mostly it’s just hard work
And determination not to shirk.

So, run the race of life with grit.
Set your goal and stick to it.
When times are tough, keep going –
You crossed the finish line  knowing

You Have the Power!

Mike - finished race.jpg

Congratulations, Mike!

Did you, or do you have a person in your life who used their grit and tenacity to achieve a goal in spite of all odds? This post is for you!

And if you are in the midst of a struggle – wondering if the blood, sweat, tears, and heartache, setbacks and discouragements are worth it. Believe in your goals. Believe in yourself. Stick with it.

You have the power!

Have a good night.
It’s my bedtime.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Congratulations to your grandson for a great achievement. I know you are proud! Good night.

  2. Congrats to your grandson Mike!👨🏻‍🎓

  3. Sweet blog about my number one son! I’m very proud of him, too! Yep, it’s been a tough road (and still is. His 60% job is not easy at all!) but he’s hanging in there!

  4. Good for him. For some reason many of my likes are not registering

  5. Michael Solioz said:

    I read it Grammy!

    Really a pleasure to see you thinking about me! You’re such a cool 😎 lady.

    Lots of love from Switzerland 🇨🇭!


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