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Montana Mountain Day

Montana Mountain Day

TazE Jan Bob ATV

Today Bob & I took our Boston Terrier, TazE,
for a ride in the Tobacco Root Mountains
from McAllister to Norris, MT and back again.
That’s “Lucille” behind us.
She’s red-headed and she’s a “Ball.”

(Are you old enough to remember Lucille Ball?)

We went with our good friends, CG & Caroline.
Caroline & CG
It was a cloudy day, but we enjoyed the clouds:


Aren’t they beautiful?

Let me take you on this journey with us…
see some of the sights that I particularly enjoyed, okay?
Come along…

post & brick remains

Rock - N Meadowcreek

Rain on Lucille

Caught a little rain.
Time to head back.
But, ah, the fresh smell!
Can you get a whiff??

Lucille on trailer w pickup

Thanks for visiting
and traveling
with us.


See you tomorrow

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  1. I love everything about Montana! I drove through there when I moved from Seattle to Georgia in 2007. Didn’t want to leave. The night skies are quite impressive and tell us, yes, there is a God. Your pictures are simply beautiful. Thanks for taking us along, even though we got a few sprinkles on our boots. 😉 More pictures, please!!

    • Welcome to JanBeek, cshopkins. I do love MT … and am glad you enjoyed your trip thru here, too. We traveled thru MT for the first time in 2015. Bought a house, moved lock, stock & barrel from CA … and never ever regretted it!

  2. A good trip. Who’s Lucille Ball? 🙂

  3. Great photographs Jan! I have never really visited the Tobacco Root Mountains up close. I have traveled along the Jefferson River to the Caverns.

    Quick question:. Do you live in McAllister or Ennis?

    • We live at 7 Mallards Roost Road, just north of the golf course on Pintail Ridge in Ennis. Come visit us!! Turn west off 287 on Range View Rd. Go one mile. Turn right. See ya!! <3

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