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Life is Good!

We’re headed for a ride up the Tobacco Root Mtns. on Lucille ( our red-headed ATV who’s a “ball”). Wish you could join us.

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  1. Is your puppy happy to go with you? He looks apprehensive…ha…have a great time!

    • Actually TazE loves the ride… once we get started. She just doesn’t like sitting and waiting. (Sort of like me!) … It was a great day, in spite of a few showers.

  2. ENJOY yourselves Jan.. <3 lovely photos :-0

  3. Having seen your next post first I see the showers came later

    • Yes, but they blew southward. And that same wind blew the Alberta smoke southward, too. We have blue sky with puffy white clouds in Ennis today. Yay for the wind. It bringeth and it taketh away! 🤗

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