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Specks of Splendor

Specks of Splendor


Like a gold miner panning for gold,
I sift through life’s muck and mire
To look for the specks of splendor
That sparkle and dance like fire.


No matter how awful my day was,
At the end, I put on my Jesus glasses
And find the specks that sparkled,
The nuggets in muddy splashes.

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The most dismal, dark, and cloudy day
Has shimmers of beauty in the trials.
With God’s help, I sift and find them.
Then tuck into bed with gratitude and smiles.

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See you tomorrow.

Comments on: "Specks of Splendor" (6)

  1. Brilliant Jan.. Keep looking for those nuggets of Gold in other peoples hearts.. We find many when we look.. Sending huge hugs your way..
    Enjoy your weekend Jan.. Love and Blessings your way <3

  2. Beautifully written poem. I always enjoy your blog because you post a variety of items.

    • Sometimes I worry that my “variety of items” is tooooo varied! Cristian Mihai in his “Art of Blogging” site suggests that we need to FOCUS. Does my focus on “Loving One Another” come across with each post? Is it okay when it doesn’t? Sometimes I guess I just wanna share… like today when we are in the midst of major transitions in our family.

      • You write about topics that are close to your heart, and that makes them special. I have read a lot of Cristian’s posts, but neither of us are here to make a buck. I think we both write terrific content, and readers appreciate it.

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