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God’s Handiwork

God’s Handiwork


“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Jesus Christ to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Ephesians 2:10 (NIV)

What good work has God prepared for you to do today?

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Each day as I pray and meditate, read and study Scripture, and enjoy a plethora of devotionals, I ask God,

  • What do You want me to do today?
  • Who do You want me to meet?
  • What do You want me to say?
  • How can I reflect Your love?


I plan my day before I leave and walk down the circular staircase into the “real world.”

stairs down

BUT, I remain open to God’s nudges and His leading…

mountains nature arrow guide

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I know God has prepared good works for me to do today. What are they?

And what do you think He has planned for you??


Thanks for visiting.

Leave me a comment about your
plans for Good Works today, okay?

See you tomorrow.

Comments on: "God’s Handiwork" (6)

  1. Jan, I begin my morning with reading from devotionals and the Bible before finishing with prayer. The peace and calmness that I feel better prepares my writing time to be productive. Without God nearby, my writing journey would feel like a very empty venture. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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  2. Pamela Curtis Wiggins said:

    Though, I am by no means perfect, I do something similar most mornings. I pray for God to tell me who I am to help that day. I figure most days my answer back is that I need to help my husband and my children as I am a stay-at-home mother and spend most of my time with them. But there are definitely times when I hope that I am reaching out and touching the lives of other people. Just last week I was thanked for my ministering to a specific woman that I know. It was such a tender “thank you.” My other question that I try to ask each morning in my prayer is, “What lack I yet?” Turns out I lack a lot! But I’m widdling away at those, too…

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    • Hi Pam! How nice to see you here!! ❤ I love your comment … and I will add that question to my daily conversations with God, too. Like you, I am sure "I lack a lot." And I need to start "widdling away at those" too! Have a great week. Thanks for visiting my blog. Do you have one I can visit?


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