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It’s a Terrific Tuesday

We had to drive 100 mile+ round trip this morning to deliver the car to the auto body shop in Bozeman. Had to have it there by 8: AM.

So what makes this day terrific? We survived the trip. It was knuckle-biting because we were driving right into the rising sun. Blinded!

But, now we’re back safely and feeling extremely grateful.

On the drive home (in Bob’s pickup), I could relax and enjoy the scenery. This Haiku danced in my mind:

Marshmallow mountains

Frame a beautiful skyline

Where’re the Graham Crackers?


Chocolate’s in the road

Where yesterday’s cattle drove

Our state’s traffic jam.


See the cattle drive?

No, it wasn’t elephants –

Not in Montana!

Hah! The mind’s a funny thing, ain’t it? Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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  1. Chocolate’s in the road … Where yesterday’s cattle drove. I love that!

    • Thanks, Claudia. I appreciate your visit and your comment. That “chocolate” reference was actually my husband’s comment!

  2. Wonderful Jan… love it! So beautifully written!

  3. A good wishlist…….nice post.

  4. Well, I did like to live a rustic life by mountains, cruise in Norway, see Northern lights, trek in the Himalaya and end it with a beach holiday in Society Islands 😌

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