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God’s 12 Step Program

God’s Twelve Step Program
Keeps me focused every day
As I walk downstairs


My first hour each day
Spent in my sanctu-aerie
Starts my day off right

Then as I walk down
The twelve steps to the “real world,”
This is what I pray:

  1. Thank You, God, for the LOVE
  2. JOY, and
  3. PEACE that are mine.
  4. Help me with PATIENCE,
  6. GOODNESS, and
  7. FAITHFULNESS (which brings blessings),
  8. GENTLENESS, and
  10. Help me live HUMBLY
  11. With an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE, and

In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

When I get to the seventh step, this is what I see:
(the words above the front door spell “blessings”)

A metal sculpture gift from our friends, Terry & Jim


And as I look down, I continue with steps 8 -12

stairs down

And at the “Amen” I come face to face with this:

Elke Angel

She’s one of three angels on the wall
at the bottom of the stairs
(a gift from Norbert and Elke of Germany).

Norbert was 6 years old in 1962 when Bob & I were married.
We lived in the downstairs of the Schallers’ chalet.
Bob was in the army; his base just over the hill.
We have stayed in touch with Norbert through the years.
Such a blessing!

I’ve named this precious angel “Elke,”
in honor of Elke Schaller.
She and Norbert created the three angels.
“Angel Elke” reminds me in my coming and going
to keep that 12 step program in my heart.

I walk to the kitchen and look out.
Here is a neighborhood treasure to greet me!

Deer at Raymond's

Have a blessed day, my deer!!

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  1. How beautiful!!! You have a way with words that take me on a journey and walk the steps with you. What s blessing you are!

    • Thank you, Charlotte. How kind of you to say so! I appreciate your visit and your comment. It makes me happy to think of you walking the 12 step stair message with me! <3 God bless you <3

  2. How very creative! I love it!!

  3. Love it Jan, so beautifully written, so uniquely creative!
    InHisCare 🙏

  4. What a beautiful sight to see out your window! That’s a lot way to start your day, momma. I’m so glad you’re living in a wonderful place and in such a lovely home. You and daddy ARE truly blessed! And in just a few days you will celebrate 60 years of love together! I hope you will be doing something very very special to mark this extraordinary event!🥰🥰🥰 I SO wish I could be there to help you celebrate. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Lovely way to start your day. Sorry! I didn’t proofread before clicking send! 😜

      • Thanks, De. Have a great Sunday. Don’t worry about little errors – spellcheck creates them for me all the time! 🤪

    • I wish you could, too. We don’t have any special plans. It’ll be a celebration of grandeur if we hear positively from Pfizer

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