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My blogging friend, Claudia, posted today questioning the effectiveness of her blog. Essentially, she questioned, “Is anybody reading it? Does it make a difference? What’s my purpose?”

I commented on her blog, writing, “I understand your concern, Claudia. I have some of those same questions, doubts, and frustrations. How many million bloggers are out there? And for what purpose? Is it worth the time? Am I accomplishing anything? My husband says I’m just “pissin’ in the wind!” Well, my response is that every writer is doing likewise unless they have readers who are somehow encouraged, influenced, inspired, entertained, and/or educated by those written words. So, that’s my purpose… to create an audience of readers who are somehow inspired by my words to think, to reflect, to open their eyes to see something differently – and perhaps to be encouraged to reach out in love to one another a little more often, sincerely, and deeply. To know God and to thank Him more often for our many blessings – that’s another focus. But, I know we do those things better face-to-face than we do on social media. So, is my blogging taking away from the face-to-face opportunities? No, it’s late… I wouldn’t be out interacting with others at this hour anyway. Not now. Social media (blogging and FaceBook) help me broaden my reach. Don’t they? Or am I just “pissin’ in the wind?”

What do you think? Do you have a purpose for this writing activity called blogging? Do you feel your blog is accomplishing that? How do you know? Do people read and respond to your shared ideas? Is anybody out there?

Or are we all just “pissin’ in the wind” ??

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  1. Hmm Imma have to mull these questions over.

  2. We share the same thoughts. I used to wonder if I was wasting my time and energy, blogging for a nonexistent audience. I remember times when I would share an idea or thought, then ask for my readers’ opinions on the issue. Almost every time, I’d get no comments. That often made me wonder if people were even reading my blog.

    I write for people struggling to live their best lives – people struggling to live productively and people who are depressed and could use some motivation (the blogging/tips I share are complements.)

    One thing I’m sure of is that I’m not pissin’ in the wind, and neither are you. Believe it or not, our writing inspire many people to become better. I just know it.

    • Thanks for the reassurance. It encourages me. What you write matters. We all need motivation! And the inspiration of others keeps us going. Thank you!

  3. Keep “pissing” away, momma!!!! I love reading everything you write! YOU inspire me to be kinder to people and to wake up every day with gratitude in my heart for being ALIVE on this big beautiful earth of ours! I LOVE YOU xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  4. Janet Ducsay said:

    Blogging is a a personal authentic form of teaching when it is done with the sincerity and thoughtfulness that you put into it Jan. Teachings speck to each one of us in a unique way. You never know when that one special phrase or word will move a person in a better safer healthier direction.
    You are an inspiration.

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