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Jesus is Walkin’ on the Water Again!

I saw the fish ajumpin’ –

Areachin’ for my fly.

I saw the trout acomin’ –

Then turn; I don’t know why.

Then Jesus walked beside me –

Come right up to my boat

And skeered them fish to leavin’.

He sure done git me goat!


I’ll try another bugger,

And when I set me hook,

I’ll check to make sure Jesus

Ain’t there. Take a good look!


Cuz sure as them’s raisin’ –

Ya, sure as there is play,

I thought I seen my Jesus

Walkin’ the river today!


It weren’t no sacred Sunday.

I ain’t done nothin’ wrong.

But maybe He’s attracted

To the river’s bubblin’ song.


I sure as heck cain’t blame Him.

That river calls me, too.

I don’t suppose that river song

Has ever attracted you.


Ya ain’t the only one!!

Ya got a fish story to tell!??

Comments on: "Jesus is Walkin’ on the Water Again" (10)

  1. I absolutely adore this fish story.

  2. dedesunshine said:

    Yes! I HAD read this! Adorable! 😍 🎣 🐟 Keep on blogging, momma! ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. ❤️it!!!

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