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The dissolution of possessions
Needs to happen before
the body dissolves;
So do yourself and family
a big favor before it’s too late.

Once you’re gone from here
friends and family may
become gimme people.
Save them from the struggle!

It’s time to be sure you have
a will or trust
or you’ve filled out
a document like Five Wishes.

There are documents like this
available on-line or in stores
so help dissolution of your goods
be a peaceful, loving distribution.

What came to mind when you heard the word “Dissolution”?

See ya tomorrow

Comments on: "Dissolution" (11)

  1. Dana Pulliam said:

    😍 Excellent reminder! So much heartache can happen when you don’t put your affairs in order. Take care of business in a fair and thoughtful way so no one has to guess and no one is left to wonder. 😘

  2. Sound advice, Jan. Dissolution always brings King Henry VIII to mind

  3. You two have been in my life for over 51 or 52 years. Lot’s of rust has been put on melting 2 parts into one. Removing the rust, weakens the bonds. So when I saw the blog, I had to immediately look yo make sure the trusty, rusty bonds were intact. I’ll stop there. Let’s too emotional to say anything more.

  4. How about another term…divine distribution

  5. Downsizing is not easy. But much of what we let go we never miss.

  6. Great advice (((Jan))) ❤️
    Oh I thought you might enjoy this blog. Love ya!

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