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Montana Snow

The Christmas cards are done
They’re ready to be mailed
But we can’t leave our home
We’d surely be derailed

The winds were 40 mph gusts, and
The drifts have blown like crazy
I’ll have to ZOOM church tomorrow
And it’s not cuz I am lazy

I’d attend if I could get out
And after church I’d go
To the post office to mail the cards
But I can’t get through the snow

So we are at the mercy
Of a kind and helpful neighbor
When he comes with his bobcat blower
We’ll watch him work and thank him later

He’ll blow out the driveway
And clear a path for us
So we can get to church
Without shoveling and lots of fuss

But if you don’t see us
And if our card to you doesn’t come,
You might send out a sled team
To rescue us… we’re frozen and numb!

That’s our driveway that’s the culprit
The wind swirls the snow in piles
Inside between the rabbit brush
It blows in from many miles

That photo was a light snow
This time it’s at least two feet tall
After our neighbor plowed us out
The piles were a five foot wall!

We haven’t seen a winter like this
This storm has been a doozy
It started way too early this year –
The freezing wind makes me woozy

The Christmas cards are done
They’re ready to be mailed
But like I said, I’m stuck in here
Our Christmas travel might be curtailed

Try coming in through the drifts
I’ve some hot chocolate to share
But if you don’t make it here
Mr Snowman will be content floating there

Hope you’re having a happy December so far.
God bless you! Stay in touch.

Love ya,

Take a look at this photo I found!
That’s me – pregnant with our 1st child, Ty.
And that’s my sis and her hubby with my niece, Denise
and my mom and dad…
1964 Christmas …
Sweet memories!

Comments on: "Montana Snow" (15)

  1. Fine poetry and a lovely photograph

  2. Jan, you’re a gifted and fun writer! Please stay safe! Oh, the Montana snow! β„οΈπŸ’™

    • Thank you so much for the accolades. Always feels good to be affirmed. We are being careful on these icy roads and sidewalks. You bet! I’ve had enough falls this year already. No more!!

  3. I love your photo from 1964 Christmas! Sweet memories from the past. I have a lot of memories like this too.

    Maybe you’d like to have a look at this picture from 1990 in Southern Germany.
    The area near Ober-Ammergau was all snowed in during the night. But big snow plows soon cleared the roads in the morning.

  4. Such a small world, Jan. Indeed, so many wonderful memories! πŸ™‚

  5. Elaina Colby said:

    What a lovely poem and way to positively reflect on your snowed in situation. I’m praying for it to let up in time for your next traveling adventures. Great throwback photo too πŸ₯°.

  6. Always a delight to see what’s happening in the Madison country. How far is your place from the main road? It looks like a bit of a hike, even when the weather is warmer.

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