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Christmas Spectacular

Yesterday Bob & I were treated to a wonderful opportunity.
Our friends, Ann & John, drove us in to Bozeman
to enjoy the phenomenal “Christmas Spectacular” by the Bozeman Symphony.

The players were joined by the Symphony choir
and an amazing tenor soloist, Tamar Green.
I broke the rules, held my phone down where no one could see it,
and recorded a bit of Tamar’s extraordinary voice. You just have to hear him!!

I held the phone down in front of the chair… Oh, please listen.
His voice is amazing!!

His personality is as enchanting as his singing voice.
When he is not here, he is in New York, on Broadway,
playing the part of George Washington in the musical, Hamilton!!

I had to peek between two tall heads to see him –
and lean over between two other heads
to see the amazing conductor, Norman Huynh,
but I managed…
and was mesmerized by the lighting,
the staging,
and the quality of the musicians.

We are so blessed to have this delightful, talented conductor here with us in Bozeman, MT. He is such a gift to our music community! Thank you, Norman!!

The light show on the walls left, right, above,
and on the stage
was such an enhancement
to the show!

As you can tell by the menorah,
the music was varied
and celebrated many of this season’s traditions.

The concert ended with a rousing singalong.
I wish you coulda been there with us!

Did you sing along? Could you hear it?

Try not to let my scratchy alto voice distract you
from the fun of an auditorium of music lovers singing with gusto!

Silent Night is my favorite carols.
What is yours?

I hope you have a chance to attend a spectacular Christmas concert in your area, this season.

God bless you, dear friends!
Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!


Comments on: "Christmas Spectacular" (10)

  1. I love Silent Night too! 🙂

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  2. Silent Night for me, too. I agree about Tamar’s voice. Ignore my ‘Wot?’ on your next post. I read these two in reverse order.

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  3. I love singing carols although my voice needs attention, I feel the release of stuck energy singing creates❤️ my mum has a carol sheet so no doubt we’ll be singing a lot! I’ve also been invited out to a folk carol service! So bring it on I say, I’ll help me stay sane and joyful during this month without tom! I’m celebrating his birthday with friends on Friday in our favourite restaurant! Starting with cava and sushi! 💃🎶🌈 love your music and joyful voice jan , much love ❤️

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    • Thank you, Barbara. I’m glad you will be with friends to commemorate Tom’s birthday. And as for your voice, not to worry … blended with the others it will just add to the joy. I love Christmas music!! And oh, the idea of sushi for your celebratory meal makes my mouth water. We’ll have to have some if we manage to make the one hour trip back into BZN tomorrow as planned.


  4. Elaina Colby said:

    Oh, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us. Tamar Greene’s voice is rich and soothing. Thanks for sneaking a clip of him singing live. I love that they did a sing along. Silent night is one of my favorites as well.

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  5. We had the Ave Maria played at our wedding 53 years ago! Looks like you had a most wonderful evening!

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