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Check out my response to the #Bloganuary prompt #20.
Click on the link above.

By the way, I love that photo of Bob back in his beekeeper days when he permed his hair. Don’t you? It was taken in our house in Modesto, CA with our Boston, Jacques. He had funny buck teeth (the dog, not Bob).

Do you know why Bob curled his hair? He hates to wear hats. As a beekeeper with naturally oily hair, bees loved to buzz in there and sting his scalp. The curls lifted the hair off the scalp and dried out the oiliness. The bees left his head alone. Interesting, huh?

I hope you enjoy the collection of photos I put on the Bloganuary site today.

Tell me, can you choose a favorite photo that you have taken?

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See ya tomorrow (God willing)

Comments on: "Bloganuary#20 – Favorite Photo" (16)

  1. I love the hair story! The world is full of wonders!

  2. Smart trick! Suits him well, too. Lucky, lucky Lady Jan. *Winks*

  3. Ah that’s interesting indeed! Who knew. Glad you shared with us.

  4. Anonymous said:

    The Bob pic is my favourite – perhaps because I like him. The hair story is a good one. I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite of my own

  5. Hi Jan,
    Cute curly hair and interesting story behind.
    Awesome photos! Blessings! ♥♥

  6. The permed hair is interesting. The reason for it is remarkable. Great idea.

  7. Your photos were great!

  8. Maryann Garcia said:

    Hi Jan,
    I sent you a FB message… this is your cousin from the central valley on your mom’s side.
    Have a great day!!!

    • Oh my goodness – Hello!! Erma’s daughter! I haven’t heard from you in so long! Thank you for reading JanBeek and taking time to comment! How are you? Bob & I are in Minneapolis waiting for our flight to Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

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