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Safe Traveling

Thank you for your prayers for our safe travel from CA to our home in Montana. The weather couldn’t have been better. The roads were clear. The traffic was not too bad. We’re halfway home. We feel your prayers! Keep ‘em flowing. We should be home by tomorrow late afternoon.

Thank God for improved health and answered prayers. See ya tomorrow (God willing) … Good night!

Nothing makes the cough disappear and the body feel better than a relaxed evening – half way home – a yummy beef and prawn fajita, an attentive waiter, and a delicious margarita!



Comments on: "Safe Traveling" (15)

  1. Thank the Lord!! Safe travels for the rest of the trip and good health this year on.
    Lovely smile

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  2. Fun smiles! Hope you had a good sleep. Carry on! 😄

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  3. Anonymous said:

    Happy travelling

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  4. Happy travelling X

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  5. I am glad you are on the way.
    Happy and safe traveling! Blessings! ❤

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  6. I am living vicariously today through your posts. That margarita looks so inviting!

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