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Embrace Cards

Do you save some of the cards people send you?
Are you inspired by the things your friends and family say to and about you?
I have a bulletin board on the back of the door that leads to my laundry room.
Each year I save the birthday cards I receive and post them there.
If ever I feel myself moving into a funk, and I need a spirit lift,
just reading a few of those cards definitely raises me up!

In my sanctuary, I have a bookshelf with my collection of Bibles and various devotionals. On it, I have a card that my friend, Terry, sent to me several years ago. I see it every morning and it is a marvelous source of encouragement and inspiration. Living up to the sentiment it expresses, being the person this friend sees in me, are daily challenges – daily goals. You can see why I have saved and I embrace this card:

Last year when my dear friend, Phyllis, died, I inherited a bagful of cards she had kept during her last year of life. Living in the nursing home during COVID-19 when visitors were not allowed in, the cards were a lifeline to the outside world. Never underestimate the value of the card you take the time to select and send to a friend. They are more precious than gold!

I am going to select some of the most meaningful of these cards and send them to Phyllis’ daughter(s) … knowing their messages will live on in the hearts of my friends’ family members, just as they live on in my heart.

With Thanksgiving coming, that USA holiday dedicated to an attitude of gratitude for our many blessings, I went to the Family Dollar Store yesterday. For $1.00 apiece, I picked up a dozen beautiful cards with lovely sentiments. With precious family and friends in mind, I selected carefully. Today I wrote a personal note of appreciation on each, addressed, and stamped them. Bob took them to the post office. They are on their way to special people who make my life better – just because they are a part of my world.

Letter writing and card sending does not need to be a lost art. Cards can be expensive (those same ones would be between $2.50 and $4.95 at a stationery store). But, check out your local dollar store! Don’t let the expense deter you! Get a few cards today. Find some time to write a personal note to the people who make your life better. Send them off to brighten someone’s day. Let your light shine through your words and thoughtfulness! You never know, your cards may be keepers, too!

Embrace Cards.
Embrace the Expressions of Appreciation you receive from others.

Send yours out tomorrow…
Be the friend everyone wishes they had!

Let your light shine
all the way to
where your loved ones are…

There’s still time for your cards to be received by Thanksgiving!

Good friends- Terry & Elaine –
So blessed to have these as “Keepers!”
Their light shines in my heart everyday!

Thanks for visiting.
Tell me – are you a card saver, too?

See ya tomorrow (God willing)
Love ya,

I dare you to listen to this song without smiling!!

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  1. Jan, this is so precious to me. Yes, I’m a card saver. Yes, I’m a card writer. To me there’s no better communication with the effort and kindness in a card. God bless your special friends you’ll see in the future! And all the special family members and friends blessed by you now. Hugs and blessings sweet, Jan~Karla 💛

  2. A fine advocacy for this art which is suffering today. Yes, I am a saver.

  3. Hi Jan,
    I hate to admit, but I am not a saver of anything, specially cards 🙁
    I know one day I will regret it.
    Blessings to you! ♥♥

  4. Hi Jan, I love your posts, just in case you missed it I mentioned your site on mine. Here’s a link


    • Thank you so much, {{{Charlotte}}} for the mention and for the accolade and for the link. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for YOU! <3

  5. Embracing cards benefits both the sender and receiver. We are blessed as we continue to share cards with family for birthdays. We look forward to sending Christmas cards in the coming days. Jan, thanks for sharing your special card . . . very precious!

    • Yes, I look forward to tackling my Christmas card list and hearing from friends/family far & near, too. I am glad you enjoyed my special friend card, {{{Richard}}} – it definitely is a keeper!

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