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Embrace Rain

If your son was in a place like the one pictured here:

… with the red representing forest fires that are zero contained
and the red arrow representing his home location,
you would be embracing rain, too!

Play this sound of rain for a while.

As you listen, pray that God will provide rain
for all the places in the world where drought
or fires are placing people, animals, forests,
homes, businesses, and livelihoods in danger.

Thank you!
Prayers for you and your safety today…


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  1. Jeffrey Coulter said:


  2. Yes, indeed

  3. Thank you, {{{Derrick}}} – We got rain here in MT. Now they need it desperately in CA!!

  4. Got it! Rain and more rain have been my thoughts and prayers. My youngest daughter in Bozeman saw a bit of white upon the Spanish Peaks.

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