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Embrace that Big Blue Sky!

We went up, up, up
into the Tobacco Root Mountains yesterday
(west of McAllister, Montana)
and we touched the sky
on the top of the world!

The view looking east to Madison Valley was spectacular.
The view looking north was amazing, too.
The camera doesn’t do it justice!

The ride up on our ATVs became bumpy and rocky, but it was fun!
Through the trees, across the mountainsides, and up to the top.
We could not have asked for a prettier day.
After weeks of smoke-filled skies, this was a relief!

The sky looked threatening at the start of our ride.
But the clouds were less threatening as we continued.
Always fun to see cattle roaming free along the trail.
Come ride with us!! Hang on tight!!

I was glad I wore a jacket, a scarf and a hat.
The wind came up and it was quite chilly
the higher we went.

CG and Caroline arranged today’s outing.
Their delightful friends, Mike & Jane Dodson,
were visiting from VA.

Tucked behind, check out Charlie, the Jack Russell.
There were 9 guys –
eight of whom drove the ATVs…
Here are Mike & Jane with 6 of the ATVs…
Our “Lucille” is the redhead at the front of the line –
on whom we have a “Ball!”
I want you to experience this mountain-top,
blue-sky, perfect day’s vista with me!
Two of the guys and their gals left from the first look-out
and didn’t travel to this very top with us…
But here are seven of the troopers
with TazE being babied by Bob!
Here are Ron & Linda,
two who needed to head back down
from Lookout #1.
It was good to see them!
We took at lunch break
at the mountaintop
before heading back down.
Took the same trail back down
that brought us up to the top.
It’s actually easier going down!
Thanks for joining us today.

Maybe one of these days,
you can come to Montana
and join us for a ride.
What do you think?

Comments on: "Embrace that Big Blue Sky!" (17)

  1. Jan, I really enjoyed our atv ride with you guys today! It really was a glorious Mountain view! Thanks for sharing with us! The pup is a lucky doggy! He has such good owners to take him for joy rides! 💜💕

  2. That depends. Is the driver someone with experience? Like maybe he taught hundreds of teenagers how to drive or something.

    • Yes, my driver was a driver’s education instructor in CA and taught hundreds of teens how to drive! <3 Lucky me, huh?

  3. A splendid trip. That must be one powerful vehicle.

  4. Jan, this was amazing! And yes, I’d love to come and ride with you!

  5. Elaina Colby said:

    Thank you so much for sharing the video and the beautiful panoramic view. I’m so glad the mountains are clear and the sky is blue and not hazy from smoke. What a wonderful day!!

  6. Awesome! Seeing the magnificent Big Sky will never grow old to me. While the photos bring out its grandeur, nothing can beat actually being there.

  7. Beautiful Big Sky Country!

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