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Embrace Mothers

Me n Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to our moms!
Whether they are alive or dead,
They live daily in our thoughts –
Either lovingly or with dread.

Some folks weren’t as lucky
As I feel I was born to be.
I had a strong-willed mother
Who passed her strength on down to me.

Mom & Dad

Mom moved from her home in Washington
To marry my handsome Italian dad.
She spent her life in central California.
Musta made her mother rather sad.

Mom raised me and my sis, Sally,
To learn to stand on our own two feet.
From day one we were taught to know
School wasn’t done ’til college was complete.

She was born fifth of six children –
And her dad died when she was a teen.
College wasn’t an option for her, but for sure
Her girls would experience that scene!

Sally, Dad, Mom & me

Sally went to Jr. College and Brigham Young.
I graduated from University of Pacific (UOP).
Mom was pleased as punch to know –
If I needed to, I could take care of me!

She and Dad were great supporters
Of Bob & me their whole lives through.
I couldn’t have asked for better folks.
I hope you can say the same about you.

Dad Mom, Bob & me
That’s me with Mom, Sally & our daughter, De –
behind us is Dave Butters,
Sally’s husband who died way too young.
Mom’s selfie

Mom took selfies with a smile
Long before digital cameras and internet.
If she was alive today, she’d post ’em daily
And she’d have a huge following – you bet!

Today’s the day for us to remember
Our moms – and conjure up some joy
As we recall their better selves –
and set aside all thoughts that annoy!

I must remember no one’s perfect,
And I just hope when I’m dead and gone,
Our children will recall my better self,
And set aside times I was a moron!

I hope my kids will say,
“My mom was the Bee’s Knees”
and laugh at any bitterness
while remembering only the honey!

Happy Mother’s Day!
Embrace your Mothers today
(for real – or in your memories).
They did (or are doing) the best they could!!


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  1. Young Jan looking so adorable. Happy Mother’s Day Jan. Hope your day is filled with joy and happiness! Mothers are amazing and deserving!

  2. A lovely, well-penned tribute, Jan. I especially like that first picture of you with her.

    • Thank you, Derrick, I like that one, too. It exhibits pains-taking care… the hair, the sweater, the watch… oh my! What a treasure!! <3 I was blessed indeed!! <3

  3. Peter Martin said:


  4. Jan, I hope your Mother’s Day overflowed with blessings. Thanks for sharing some family memories.

    • My friend, Lucy, and I did the sermon in church – based on a study on Lamentations about “Mother Earth Laments”… it was well received. I had FT with my kids in Switzerland, California, and Baltimore. That helped make the day ok. But, like you, I missed the real thing!

      • Sunny De said:

        I missed being with you, too, dear momma. 😢 If only instant transportation existed NOW life would be much much better! But you were certainly in my thoughts!!! I love you so much and can’t wait for September!

      • Thanks, DeDe :o) Me, too!! See you soon!! <3

  5. Have a love-filled Mother’s Day weekend, my friends. I am still “hand”icapped with this whole left hand and arm tapped up and caste… so creating a fresh post is too difficult right now. Let’s look at what I posted last year at this time,

  6. Reblogged this on janbeek and commented:

    let’s look at last year’s post. i am bandaged from tip of little finger to elbow this 2022 Mother’s Day weekend. Sigh ;o( But it could be worse, right?

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