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Embrace Music

Whatever happens in your life
Can be made more meaningful
If you wrap it in a song.
It’s in your heart for soooo long…

What song wraps a moment of remembrance for you?

When you are in your late teens
Or in your early twenties,
If you fall in love and want to marry,
People might tell you you’re too young.

At least that’s the way it was
When I was a kid way back when.
So, this Nat King Cole song
Resonates in my heart.

Do you have a song from your teens
That stays in your heart today?
What message did it carry
That caused you to sing along or play?

Another Nat King Cole Song
That brings back sweet memories
Is this one: “When I Fall in Love.”
Do you know this one or are you “Too Young?”

Yes, music defines our era, doesn’t it?
Elvis was too loud and wiggly for me!
The Beatles didn’t come ’til I was
Out of college and busy working.

Big Bands were important to me.
I love listening to Tommy Dorsey;
And I loved being in the band
And in the orchestra. Did you?

As a child, we often sat around the radio
And listened to the big bands…
This song was one my mom loved.
She sang along and taught me to harmonize.

Did your mom or dad sing along
To the songs on the radio or TV?
Music is a huge part of my life –
And it brings me such joy. How ’bout you?

I dare you to play this Sachmo number –
“The Saints Go Marchin’ in” and not tap your feet
And if you’re like I am, then you will
Sing along when they get to the chorus.

Oh, and did you play an instrument?
Besides the accordion, I played
The clarinet; It was a pleasure
To hear that great clarinetist.

Good music brings you back –
Back to the place where you were
When you first heard it,
Doesn’t it?

A good symphony orchestra
Can take you back to the symphony hall
Or it could take you to the living room
Where this song was theme for what program?

All our lives long, we embrace music.
It is the way we learned our ABC’s.
Why didn’t our math teacher
Put the times tables to music??

Wasn’t that adorable?
Didn’t it bring you back?
When patients with dementia
Lose memory, songs remain.

Music occupies a place in our minds
That stays alive long after other things
Have vacated the scene!
What songs will remain to your end?

How has music enhanced your life?
Does it still play a big part?
The pandemic didn’t squelch music.
Instead it just became more creative.

I majored in music therapy in college,
So, this video touched my heart.
Even though I didn’t become a music therapist,
I used music every day in the classroom.

How do you use music to enhance your days?
Embrace music today… and let it
Lighten your heart and lift your spirits.
Dig dig dig dig do do do do
Dig dig dig a doo doo!!

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Comments on: "Embrace Music" (13)

  1. Wow, this was a journey of a lifetime to read. So many lessons and so many happiness wrapped in words <3

    • Thank you, Rahul, for jorneying with me. Yes, music takes you back, doesn’t it? And it keeps you here happier than you would be without it! <3

  2. I love that you are a music therapist………music has a way of changing lives in such major ways.

    • Yes, it does! I changed my major my senior year to elementary education and became an elementary teacher and eventually a principal at a large (1000 student body) school in central California. But, as I said, I used music every day in my classroom – and daily as a principal as well. It continues to be a source of great joy and comfort to me – even in my retirement (maybe ESPECIALLY in my retirement!!). <3

  3. I am up a bit late, but now I can relax with some songs in my mind. Louis Armstrong is always a hit! And who can’t feel the spirit moving in the “William Tell Overture.” I doubt my clarinet playing would challenge you for first chair. I can still hear the jukebox in my high school cafeteria playing Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild.” It’s a good thing I didn’t own a motorcycle.

    • Hah! My daughter and her hubby have a great big Harley. They are going in September on a motorcycle trip from Switzerland to Turkey. Talk about “Born t be Wild!” And btw, my clarinet playing used to first chair in high school and college, but now with my arthritic fingers, I can’t cover all the keys. Can’t play a B natural for love nor money!!

      • Wow! Your daughter and her husband are an adventurous couple. I’m still trying to figure out how to drive to someplace besides the grocery store. I was first chair in 7th grade, but I doubt I’d produce a quality sound now.

      • Yes, De & Andre’ are more adventuresome than I ever thought of being!

  4. Here’s one from my teens: https://youtu.be/QzkECdHu1dQ

    • Ah, Dream Lover… one of my favorites, too…. but I don’t remember ever SEEING Bobby Darin sing it before… it was just on my 45.

  5. Laura Sullivan said:

    This is lovely, Jan, thank you for this!

    • Thank you, Laura, for visiting JanBeek and leaving such an affirmative comment. Your music fills my soul! <3

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