Spreading love, joy, peace, faith & unity

Sharing more pictures
from yesterday’s autumn colors ride
I wonder why some are golden
while others remain green?
So many wonders to behold everywhere we looked!
The picture doesn’t do it justice.
With the sun coming through them,
those trees were pure gold!
Our friends, the Feldmans, led the way.
I posted this one yesterday.
Bob told me today, “Those aren’t aspen.”
Well, anyway, I like their color!

Before I leave you this morning, I want to share something I found on FaceBook:

#11 on the list
is at least a half hour
of journaling and beginning my blog post

I do #9 regularly.
I love the Proverbs.
There are 31 chapters.
Today read Chapter 22. Full of wisdom!

I’m at #11 on the routine list right now.
Do you get notices like this from WordPress?
I wonder what’s magic about 1337?
You’d think they’d wait til 1500 or some round number, wouldn’t you?
Anyway you look at it though, that’s a lot of posts.

I hope you spend some time perusing them
by putting your favorite topic up in the search bar at the upper right.
Topics like bees or animals, Switzerland or Jesus will lend some beautiful results!

I appreciate your visit.
I’m off to do #12…
See ya tomorrow.

Sending you my love,

Comments on: "Marvelous Montana & Morning Plans" (5)

  1. Marvellous images and impressive morning plans.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just love you, JanBeek! These images speak of the wondrous beauties God created just for us to enjoy. I’ve always wanted to visit Montana. Thank you for sharing it with me. ♥️

    Congratulations on so many posts as well. You’ve been doing a lot of inspiring and uplifting. I’m so grateful to have discovered you. Here’s to many many more…

    As for the morning routine, amen! Meditation on God’s goodness and His word are sure to set us on the right path for the day. Sending love to you and yours!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, how wonderful to hear from you, Holly! Thank you! I am glad you were here… and I appreciate your time to write an affirmative comment. Have a Wonderful Wednesday! And best wishes for your continued rewarding experiences on WordPress! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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