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Without Water

Have you ever been living in a house for a week without the benefit of running water? That’s been our situation this week.

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If you don’t have water running in your house, then your toilets don’t work. Have you lived in your house without a toilet working and with no outhouse? That’s what we’ve done… and our dear neighbors let us drive the 1/4 mile to their house to use their bathroom when we needed it this week. At night, we’ve slept in the church manse where we could use the toilet when needed without driving to the neighbors’ place at midnight!

We’ve been updating the water system in our house – replacing the water tank, pump, radiant floor heating system, etc… Long story as to why this was necessary, but suffice to say, I am not complaining. I know I am blessed.

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I know there are people in this world who have to walk miles to get drinking water – or any kind of water for that matter – and they carry it on their heads to bring it home to their families. So, am I complaining about driving a quarter mile to use a toilet – or about not having running water in my house for a week? No way!!!

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But an outhouse would come in handy right about now! Maybe I should just pretend I’m camping right now. Ya think?

When you go to Amazon.com and buy something on-line, you have a chance to donate a percentage of your dollars to a charity of your choice. I give to

Water To Thrive
which is headquartered in Austin, TX

Water to Thrive provides clean safe water to rural African communities by connecting donors, sponsors, congregations, schools and community groups directly to communities in need.

There are many organizations related to clean water and building wells in remote places around the world – where fresh, running water is a luxury. I hope you find one that you can support – – – The people who receive your support will rejoice, for sure!

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People all over the world are in need of fresh water for their survival. Being without running water in my home for a week has certainly taught me empathy.

What charity is dear to your heart?
Have you ever been in a situation
where you lacked the water
you needed for your daily needs?

Tell me about it.

See ya tomorrow.

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  1. Jan, thank you for sharing about Water to Thrive~how wonderful. I often think about how I take water for granted. Our abundance humbles me. Prayers during all of your updating! I’m so glad you’ve had places to “go”. 🙂 I live in my R.V. full-time and have had my issues with water. Oy vey! But at least I have it! The organization that has my heart is here in Branson, Missouri. “Jesus Was Homeless” began as a ministry by my friends Amy and Bryan Stallings. It began with wanting to serve our local homeless a Thanksgiving dinner. In the last 10 years it has grown to serving over 2,000 bagged meals on Thursday nights. The organization is now called “Elevate”. I’m proud of the support of SW MO in helping reach the needs of those in poverty. Thank you for always being a light for us Jan. Hugs and love.

  2. I’ve recently signed up to a similar UK charity called WaterAid. I have wanted to for many years. I cannot imagine life without access to clean water for drinking & hygiene. It is a basic human right and all people should have it.💙

  3. svphillips10gmailcom said:

    Jan, you and Bob are always welcome at our house if you need a place to stay😘

  4. Something I have fortunately not experienced. You have a good support network

  5. I feel for you Jan…. and yes we have much to be thankful for when we look around the world..
    I have had that experience for two days one winter when the electric went off and the water pumps to homes didn’t work
    And I went without water in my Kitchen for a week as we had a new kitchen fitted a big confusion with a frozen outside stop tap…
    … I had a toilet though, but had to wash pots and pans in the upstairs bathroom sink.. 🙂

    So sympathies Jan.. <3 <3 <3

  6. I love that you do this through Amazon. Clean running water saves millions of lives each year in places like the ones you have described here… otherwise dysentery and ecoli and other deadly diseases take their toll on the most vulnerable, children and the elderly. Good for you Momma!

    • Thanks, Ty! What a nice surprise to have you visit and actually leave a comment. You made my day! Lotsa love to you, Sweetheart <3 You're so right… clean, running water is a life-saver! I am especially appreciative after being without it for a week!

  7. I missed this post so I am late in reading. I hope your water problems are now a thing of the past. Thanks for mentioning how people can designate Amazon to donate to a charity of your choice based on purchases. My wife and I have been doing this for a couple of years or so.

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