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What did you do today?

We spent the day in Bozeman, Montana. Bob & I had much-overdue dental appointments to get our teeth cleaned. Then we did our grocery shopping, bought a tree to plant at our church where a tree died and needs to be replaced, and then had “linner” (lunch + dinner) before heading home.

It was a rainy drive home.

rainy drive home.JPG

Got rainier as time went by.

Raindrops on window.JPG

When we arrived home, our neighborhood antelope were there to greet us.

Bob w antelope in field.JPG

Look carefully – there’s mama antelope followed by her two babies in the field.

Yesterday I watched them out my living room window.

antelope doe w 2 babies.jpg

A second antelope joined them. She has little ones, too, but they weren’t with her. Probably hiding in the grasses – not too far off.

2 does w 2 baby antelope.jpg

It is such fun to watch them.

A Fun Place to Live

In the picture below, our house is behind those trees… a wonderland for birds – and a haven for us. That field on the left is where the antelope were today.

Home - golden field -Mallards Roost.JPG

Isn’t it fun to live in a neighborhood where the deer and the antelope play? You know that song, right? Home on the Range, a favorite from my childhood.

“Home, home on the range,
Where the deer and the antelope play,
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.”

Sing it with Roy and me:

Do You Remember Roy Rogers?

You may be too young to remember this cowboy – or you’re living in a different part of the world. Roy Rogers was my favorite when I was a child back in the 1940s. As a real treat, my sister and I would go to the Saturday matinee at the little theater in Newman, California. I loved Roy Rogers even more than the Micky Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Popeye cartoons! That’s really saying something.

Roy’s sidekick was Trigger, his beautiful palomino. His wife, Dale Evans, was his singing partner. As a child, I was sure Dale Evans would grow old and die – but Roy Rogers would never grow old. And after is wife died, then I intended to marry him!

Did you ever have childhood fantasies like I did?

Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

Did you dress up and pretend to be a princess when you were a child? Or did you imagine yourself to be Roy Rogers’ wife and ride away into the wild blue yonder?

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Well, if you dreamed of being a princess on a horse riding off into the wild, blue yonder, come to Montana. This is the place where such dreams come true!

Join us where the deer and the antelope play!

Hope you had a good day.
Tell me about it...
or share a childhood fantasy.

See ya tomorrow.
Hugs, JanBeek

Comments on: "Where the Deer and the Antelope Play" (21)

  1. Jan, this is truly God’s country! Beautiful! I love the antelopes! I was about to say, “Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word,”(I thought of your blog on this one 🙂) but you beat me to it!

    • Yes, “seldom is heard a discouraging word” is true… and when the song says, “and the skies are not cloudy all day,” I never understood that til I moved here. It’s a fact… if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it’ll change! rarely is it cloudy all day! A big change from the weather I experienced in CA most of our life. <3

  2. We don’t have antelope but we do have deer. They are a sign of nature carrying on. You live in a beautiful area! Roy would love it….

  3. Sunny De said:

    Is that a long stick coming out of Dad’s mouth? Thanks for sharing your day! I went on a long walk this morning while listening to music that had a good beat. I typed in exercise music in Spotify and found a good playlist. As for a childhood dream I remember wanting to be a Playboy bunny because of being a grown up but getting to wear bunny ears and a tail! Hah!

    • Yup, a stick … don’t know where he got that. A rather long toothpick, wouldn’t you say? Oh, and you are in fact somebunny ‘s sweetheart! A dream come true!

  4. So loved this post Jan.. it had all of my young girls dreams tied into it… Loved the fact that you saw the Antelope and its young…. Just beautiful…
    Roy Rogers and his famous horse Trigger, would devour his films….
    And while only living in the English Derbyshire Dales.. I would beg a ride from my farming friends on their ponies… And did squeeze a couple of proper riding lessons from my Dad’s wallet 🙂
    But when younger would ride the broom stick around our home playing cowboys and Indians… I was always the Indian getting shot by by brother.. 😀

    Thank you for activating those bygone days Jan….
    Sending love and well wishes as you ride off into the Sunset.. <3 <3 <3

    • Ah, yes, begging rides from friends who owned horses sounds familiar to me, too, Sue. I never had lessons. I have a scar on my right leg to remind me of the ineptness! A horse rode me into a barbed wire fence once! Thank you for your delightful response. Have a Wonderful Wednesday, Sue. ❤️ Hugs to you. ❤️

      • Ouch to that leg injury when younger. Thank YOU for the grey matter exercise Jan. Now gidy up, slap my thigh as I ride into the dust of wordpress comments 😃😊😂🤣🙋💕🙏 much love 💖

  5. I do remember Roy Rogers but I didn’t fantasise about marrying him when I grew up 🙂

  6. Roy Rogers was a favorite of mine. As a young child, I got every morning at 5:00 Am to quietly watch the Sunrise Hour of westerns. I don’t know if it was Roy Rogers or just the horses that were my dream. As a young teenager, I finally had my horse and the Roy Roger show was just a happy memory or “Happy Trails…”

    • Good for you to actually get your horse! Mine just remained a dream until I traded the horse idea for a clarinet. Then my fantasy was to travel the world in an all girl orchestra! Women weren’t allowed in real orchestras back in the 40s! What did you trade your horse for?

      • I traded my horse for suburban living and children. 😊 I love your Montana photos!

      • Thank you. Montana is a dream I didn’t know I had! God led us here. We had never been to MT before. We visited friends, fell in love, bought a house, sold everything in CA and came out here lick stock and barrel. Our sin said we wouldn’t last a winter; we’d be back. That was 15 years ago! Smartest move we ever made. Sometimes we have unrecognized fantasies🥰

  7. Janet Duncan said:

    I saw your baby antelope just the other day. They are so cute! I’m another Roy Rogers fan who had assorted mops and broomstick to ride around the house. Moving to Montana has satisfied all those little girl fantasies with my own horse and miles of mountain trails to explore. Living the dream at 71!!

    • I understand “living the Dream.” I’m so glad you’re our neighbor. It’s such a good place to 🐝!! Thanks for sharing, Janet. Have Wonderful Wet Wednesday! 🤪👍🏽

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