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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana
Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America
has written a letter to President Donald Trump:

In his letter, Archbishop Viganò addressed President Trump saying,

“In recent months we have been witnessing the formation of two opposing sides that I would call Biblical: the children of light and the children of darkness.”

He goes on to say,
“On the one hand there are those who, although they have a thousand defects and weaknesses, are motivated by the desire to do good, to be honest, to raise a family, to engage in work, to give prosperity to their homeland, to help the needy, and, in obedience to the Law of God, to merit the Kingdom of Heaven.

“On the other hand, there are those who serve themselves, who do not hold any moral principles, who want to demolish the family and the nation, exploit workers to make themselves unduly wealthy, foment internal divisions and wars, and accumulate power and money: for them the fallacious illusion of temporal well-being will one day – if they do not repent – yield to the terrible fate that awaits them, far from God, in eternal damnation.”

I find it inconceivable that the good man, Archbishop Viganò, goes on to align the first side he has identified with President Trump and the Republican party. If I was into labels, I could easily align them differently. Who’s to say which people as a group fall into which category? And what good comes of such lumping and labeling as a practice anyway? His divisive language is appalling to me – especially coming from a man of God.

Archbishop Viganò goes on in his letter:

“In society, Mr. President, these two opposing realities co-exist as eternal enemies, just as God and Satan are eternal enemies. And it appears that the children of darkness – whom we may easily identify with the deep state which you wisely oppose and which is fiercely waging war against you in these days – have decided to show their cards, so to speak, by now revealing their plans.”

He ends his letter by suggesting that President Trump should …

“… not accept being deceived by a minority of dishonest people with unavowable purposes. It is necessary that the good, the children of light, come together and make their voices heard.”

My friends, we are in a state of division and chaos in the United States. With COVID-19 putting people in isolation and the marches and riots protesting racial injustice pulling people together in proximity too close for comfort, we are in need of healing.

To suggest and label a portion of our society as people who are in the business of serving themselves, not holding any moral principles, demolishing the family and the nation, exploiting workers to make themselves unduly wealthy, fomenting internal divisions and wars, and accumulating power and money, is uncalled for!

What we need is words of love and unity coming from the clergy. Not more divisiveness! Not labeling. Not ushering Donald Trump and his followers into heaven while he condemns those who do not support his actions and policies to “eternal damnation.”

I worship a God who teaches people have the right to disagree with one another without name calling.

I worship a God who teaches me not to be the judge. That’s Jesus’ job!

I worship a God who teaches us to love one another – “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He teaches that you ALL are my neighbors.

I am a “Child of the Light” – and I am not here to to point fingers at anyone.

Why can’t we just love one another?

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  1. So right, Jan. I thought those first two paragraphs were aimed at Trump and his entourage. What follows beggars belief from anyone, let alone a clergyman

    • Yes, I found it astounding out of a clergy’s mind … “May we be bold and speak the truth, in love, to one another. (Ephesians 4:15)” I hope he rethinks his understanding of truth!!

  2. I am with you there Jan.. Why is loving so hard, yet hating and pointing the blame so easy..

    There is a war going on an unseen war of sorts which is complex in nature… A war on Unity consciousness.. There is no right and wrong… Its all energy and which ever wolf we feed, is what we are going to receive…

    I do believe much of this present division was instigated and there is more than any of us will ever know going on behind the scenes…
    But pointing fingers, blaming, and creating sides is not helping…
    We are ALL of us responsible… We are ALL of us accountable… And we all have a choice of which Energy we are feeding…
    I like you Jan.. Choose LOVE… Not anger, or fear,…

    Martin Luther King Jr said
    “”Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”….

    Much love your way Jan…. 💚🙏💖

    • Love back atcha, Sue. God bless you! “May we be bold and speak the truth, in love, to one another. (Ephesians 4:15)”

      • Thank you Jan.. agreed Jan.. ” For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12 🙂

  3. Jan, I really agree with you here.

    I am always greatly suspicious of anyone who purposely tries to cause division, especially amongst ‘children of light’.

    I agree, why can’t we just love each other ? 🌷🤗

  4. I’ve grown so weary of the divisiveness….our “leaders” are creating it. I’ll never understand the labeling. Jan, you might find my post, “in the middle”, of interest. I don’t care if others think I’m “Pollyanna-ish”…..as Christ-followers we are WIRED for love! I’m tired of Trump’s hateful tweets and as equally tired as other “clergy” try to categorize and label everyone and everything. For over two decades I tried to teach kids about compassion, kindness, love, and cooperation. And all we have in some “role models” is hate and discord. It’s embarrassing and mostly, sad. I’m so glad I know the truth and how it ends! And I pray others will find it. Through all the muck and yuck of our messiness.

    • Thank you, SoulSister! I have the same issues – same concerns, same prayers. God bless you! This HAS TO end for good someday – in God’s perfect promises. I’ll watch it unfold from my heavenly perch 😇♥️ Because it won’t be resolved in my lifetime, I’m sure. I just pray each day more people see the Light!

  5. Amen! I’m going to sit and sing 🎶 with you on that heavenly perch and porch 💚❤️💕xoxo

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