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Don’tcha Hate it?

Just love each other.
Hate ain’t s’posed to be in here.
Don’t say what you hate!

Don’t tell me that it
May not fit everybody…
Hate pessimism!!

It’ll be new and it’ll be better.
Don’tcha think?

Comments on: "Don’tcha Hate it?" (16)

  1. How funny!

  2. Sunny De said:

    That new garment has to be big! I gained weight! Lol 😂 Some funny stuff here, ma! I giggled at the graph 😆

  3. Too funny Jan!

    I’m praying it will be better myself!

    • Thank you. I’m sure God hears our prayers. We need to trust this will not last forever… and learn what we need to in all this! <3

  4. Hilarious memes!
    The one about the old lady and the driver made my stomach turn. 🤮

  5. Some good funnies. If only we would follow the last one.

  6. 💕💕💕

  7. Love this! 💚

  8. Precious post Jan! I will look upon Mozart with the efficiency of a writer while quickly picking produce at the store and grateful for all the folks who keep our food supply humming while waiting for the new Harriet Tubman $20 bill.

    • Really? I had not heard about this. I’m glad. She is certainly worthy of this recognition. <3 Long overdue…

  9. Wonderful humor. I love the one about the bus driver. Thanks and keep posting.

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