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Who wants to be
Not me!!

I want to walk down
A new and different path –
A better way –
A more compassionate road –
An avenue that’s better for our planet
and for us.

Kevin League Photography

I want the whole world
to enjoy what I do:
the blue skies
and the clean water,
the promises of
a brighter tomorrow,
and a sure hope for
the future of our planet.

Kate Cottingham Photography

Let’s let the sun set
On this troublesome time,
And let’s help our world
Usher in a wiser, more loving,
Beautiful, sustainable tomorrow.

There never has been a time
when more possibilities,
when more opportunities
were so obviously apparent.
We don’t want to go back to what was.
We WANT a “new normal.”
Let’s take advantage of this time …

Pray for solutions.
Be positive.
Let’s all do our part.

What’s your plan
for what to do differently
once we are able
to emerge
from this
COVID-19 challenge?

Let’s share our ideas!

See ya later!

Comments on: "NoRmAl?" (22)

  1. That’s totally right! The normal didn’t work. We got to do better than we did in the past!

  2. A wonderful thought/prayer for our world to become a more loving, compassionate, caring place and for us to be better stewards of God’s bounty.

  3. This is a wonderful poem. I am with you on this! Lessons to be learned from all this chaos!

  4. I am posting your opening quote on my FB page!

  5. Jan, I found direction and truth from the quote about opportunities and possiblities. I was walking yesterday and thinking . . . when will I be able to safely travel, and what conditions will need to change to make my journey a safe one? I long to visit family in Montana, but there is so much uncertainty right now. I need to give it to our Lord in prayer.

    • You already have given it to the Lord in prayer! Now our job is to listen for His will in all this. What is He telling you and me? I am straining my ears!!

  6. I love this, Jan! Who wants to be normal? I hope our new normal is “NOT AVOIDING” people. Sadly, I’ve noticed on recent trips to the store, that eye contact is even becoming less. Because of a mask are we scared to even look? I have two sons in the Air Force. One in Alaska (with my grandson, Asher, that I’ve only held once) and another son in Washington. I am scheduled to fly to Spokane in June for the birth of my granddaughter. Will my son be able to witness the birth of his little girl? So many questions. And I hope that our new normal is to enjoy the simple things, be more hygienic than we were (wow,….this is a bit sad), not take things for granted, make more personal calls, and perhaps, open our eyes to what really matters. What has really changed in the last month that truly matters? I’m more hopeful and determined. And I hope humanity has found strength and the promise of God through this pause. God bless you!

    • Here in Montana, we’ve experienced greater eye contact; interesting. Huh? Maybe it’s because we haven’t adopted the mask habit yet. That may make the difference. I see the day coming. For now, most folks are home – and only venturing out when necessary. Easy to stay 6′ or more apart. Not that many people out & about. I pray the positive changes you hope for come to fruition. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  7. Beautiful. May we all continue to turn to Him for all of our direction, may we not get “too busy”, but be able to reach out more. More visits, more conversations, more empathy, more resolve to do better, be better and conform to His image, not the one that the world has set before us. May we all listen to that still, small voice and not stifle it any more. Above all may we learn to love: more, fuller and deeper as we are taught in scripture. God bless you Jan. <3

  8. Thanks for the questions and positivity. I am on board with not returning to what was normal before. This is an opportunity to improve ourselves. I am not sure what that would look like but definitely not taking people for granted. Time is precious. I pray we return to a God as a people, not just a nation but global. God created the world, the universe not just the place I call home. 💗🌻

    • Yes, this is an opportunity to improve ourselves and our world. Lile you, I pray we can renew our faith in God and exhibit love and respect for all God’s children … And be good stewards of the land, the plants & animals … Take a good look at what really matters.

  9. So very well said. May we learn the lessons we have been given

  10. I am proud not to bet “normal”

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