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The 5 P’s of Blogging

The Art of Blogging . One of the bloggers I have followed from Day 1 on Word Press is Cristian Mihai who writes on The Art of Blogging. His tips always are right on! His coaching is helpful for those of us who are trying to improve our blogging skills. Isn’t that all of us?

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This week he reminded us that blogging is not about numbers. It’s not about how many followers or how many “likes” or how many comments we get. It’s about the people. “Build relationships,” he told us. Cristian continued by reminding us that it’s about passion. Write about things you really care about, he instructed. You can’t improve your blog if you don’t know WHY you are blogging, he said. Cristian Mihai always reminds me that I need to be clear about my purpose. What do I hope to accomplish?
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People, Passion, Purpose, Precision, and Pleasure . I wrote to Cristian thanking him for the 3 P’s of successful bloggers, but then suggested we need to add two more P’s: precision and pleasure. I need to be precise about what I write. Make sure the words are spelled correctly, the grammar is correct, and the format is pleasing. Add sub-titles. Add pictures. Edit out superfluous words. Read it aloud to myself or my dog. Make sure it sounds real.

No one will return to a blog that is sloppy or one that uses objectionable language. Or at least not many people will. We all know that. Those kinds of words and messes turn me off!

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And the 5th “P” of successful blogging is pleasure. I take pleasure in writing about the things I am passionate about. I get enormous pleasure out of communicating with the people who leave comments. I love getting to know people from India, Sri Lanka, Canada, Venezuela, Germany, Finland, etc… it’s FUN!! I really enjoy looking at where y’all are from.

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Have FUN! . As long as you’re having fun, taking pleasure in the writing process, and enjoying the connections that your blog makes possible, I think you’re on the right track. As long as you write about your passions (one of mine is this “Loving One Another” subject), and as long as you stay true to your purpose and do it with the greatest precision you can muster, then I think you are a blogging “artist.”

I’m glad you are here at JanBeek. I hope we can get to know one another, encourage one another, and give each other feedback as often as possible.

You matter to me. You’re my people!


Have a good night. See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "The 5 P’s of Blogging" (13)

  1. Jan, five terrific points and you were right to add precision and pleasure! 😀 Blogging should never become a chore and the articles deserve to be well written for your own sake and others! Yes, it is amazing to make friends from around the globe and something I never imagined when I started five years ago!

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  2. Sound advice. I always imagine my prose as if spoken, although I don’t actually speak it 🙂

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  3. A wonderful post, Jan. Valuable advice, thank you. 💞

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  4. What a timely reminder of why we blog. Thank you, Jan, for sharing this. It’s always good to re-hear the real reason we blog. Especially in the end of winter when it seems like our (or should I say my posts) simply get lost in never-never land. Hope you have a be-a-blessing-to-someone kind of day.

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

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    • Thank you for your comment and good wishes. I am volunteering at our local Medical Center today – womanning the reception desk. Lots of opportunities to be a blessing, I hope. Just a smile does wonders sometimes! You have a “Be-a-blessing” kind of day, too. ❤

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      • That’s lovely! Our daughter is Activities director at large retirement home here in Winchester. I have written several blogs about their visits out here at our farm!

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      • I sometimes volunteer at our nursing home here in Ennis, too. It’s a joy to bring smiles to our friends who are residents there. A couple of weeks ago we (our Ennis Arts Association) did a Valentine’s Day pottery activity with about a dozen residents. It was a blessing to work with them.


  5. Great advice! I love the communication that blogging presents! Getting to know others, sharing in their journeys. 🙂

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