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Headed Back

We are headed back

To my niece, Jodie, and Bill’s place

Kutztown was just great!

We attended Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church with Lisa & Allen this morning.

My favorite was the last hymn. I’d never heard or sung it before. Have you?

The congregation really got into it, clapping and singing enthusiastically. We loved it!! 💕

The sky was threatening as we left Kutztown
But less threatening as we approach Pittsburgh

I hope you’ve had a blessed Sunday, too.

Bye for now. I send my love … and I’ll see ya tomorrow.

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  1. Hey ma! Yep, I’ve sung that hymn before. It’s very upbeat! I might’ve sung it with Polly. I’m so happy you and dad are enjoying your time with friends and family!

  2. I don’t know the hymn. Most dramatic skies changing with the day’s progress.

  3. Sound like a wonderful weekend! I love this song and the enthusiasm it generates!

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