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Counting Ponies

I lie there awake
It is three in the morning
Counting sheep in vain

Counting sheep to go to sleep doesn’t work!

Last night was the same
But I told my friend Derrick
That I’d count ponies

He had a wonderful collection of photos of ponies on his blog.



Check out his blog.
It won’t put you to sleep.
It is delightful reading
and his photography is superb!!

The Early Evening Light

Now I need to count ponies and try to get some sleep.
What works for you when you can’t sleep?

See ya later

Comments on: "Counting Ponies" (12)

  1. I also had a horrible night of sleep. I lost my purse Friday night. I only discovered it missing Sunday morning. I think it was stolen in the bar where we were. I loves that purse! I have to redo my driver’s license and cancel my bank card and get a new one. Grrrr!!!!!

  2. I also follow Derrick and his amazing photos and stories of his daily adventures are a delight..
    Sorry you were having a problem sleeping Jan.. For me I just breathe extra deeply and relax more with each deeper breath.. and it usually works, not always.. But these days I am sleeping better than once up a time.. <3

  3. Thank you so much, Jan 🙂

  4. I have checked him out.. I have followed … and send you back a good nights sleep!

  5. Sometimes I try counting backwards from 100. Thanks for sharing and asking Jan.

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