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Adopt a Daughter


In 1961 I graduated from college

With a K-8 teaching credential

I had been student teaching at

A school near my university

And I was blessed to

Get a 1st grade teaching job there.


My room mother was Florence,

A dear lady with a darling daughter, Lorei.

Florence kept in touch

Through the years, even though

In 1962 I left that darling class

To marry my darling Bob
(It was a fairytale wedding)

And moved with him to Germany.

Lorei’s parents both died

While she was still quite young –

Not out of college yet,

So we connected again – delighted to do so –

And we became her Mom&DadBee.

Ah yes, daughters are indeed

Such a blessing

And we are blessed now

To have three!

Lorei (in CA)

Laina (in Maryland)

And our DeDeBee (in Switerland)

Are you blessed like me??

I hope so!

If not, look around – there’s a daughter who needs you out there!!

Count and share your blessings everyday!


BTW, I think I need to adopt Bob’s ski buddy as my #4 daughter

My Daughter #4, Nancy <3
See ya tomorrow

Comments on: "Adopt a Daughter" (17)

  1. so much beauty in your words…….yes, i am blessed with daughters too!

  2. Everything about that wedding picture is beautiful! So glad you were able to gain an addition to your family with another daughter. God’s blessings be yours always 🤗

  3. Sunny De said:

    By all means! Yes! Adopt Nancy, too! The more the merrier and you can’t give or get too much love 💗

    • Ah, DeDe, you have a piece of my heart… a generous portion that’s reserved for you alone! 🥰

      • Sunny De said:

        I know I do, Momma, and I’m SO proud to call you mine. But I’m also proud to share you with such deserving ladies (sisters!!!) ❤️🥰💗🥰❤️🥰💗

  4. Daughters are a blessing! My life is for the better because of my three.

  5. Precious post and beautiful photos!

  6. Lovely

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