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Finding Understanding

Finding Understanding


Have you found The One
Who understands your thinking?
You are surely blessed!

Finding understanding
Is a gift beyond compare.
If you’ve such a friendship,
Guard it lovingly with care.

It’s taken half a decade
For my spouse and me to see
Eye to eye and to hear correctly
What the other expresses silently.

I’ve a life-long girlfriend who
Understands my silent sighs.
Ours is a priceless friendship.
No need to hide or disguise.

I hope you’ve had the pleasure
Of a relationship like mine.
Such understanding is a treasure
Greater than gold. It’s so fine!

It takes practice to be a hearer
Who catches the whispers in the air.
But, if you really love someone,
You can do it. Just listen… feel…  care!

heart of love
See you tomorrow

Comments on: "Finding Understanding" (7)

  1. Being able to understand each other is important in every relationship. Good point here!

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  2. Your blog was a wonderful reminder to me that God gave us two ears to listen but only one mouth to speak.I often feel challenged to listen to understand, instead of just listening to respond…

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  3. Understanding someone without speaking tells of a remarkably close-knit relationship.


  4. Beautifully said and so true! Understanding is a treasure indeed more precious than gold. It can save you a lot of sorrow and can bring you a lot of joy.

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