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Montana Four-Wheeling

Montana Four-Wheeling

flowers+snow-peaked mtns

Up, up, up we went on our Polaris side-by-side

Until we felt like we were at the top of the world –

The top of the Tobacco Root Range

ATV at mtn top

We took a very rocky, steep mountain trail
and passed by some phenomenal scenes
to get to that high mountain view
where the air was so fresh and clean.

The skies were threatening, but the rain held off.

Fence w Lake

Sureshot Lake always is an inviting place.
There were kayakers out on the water.
It’s quite a trail to get there!
We stopped at the one out-house available on the trek.


Four guys and a dog… all chatted while Caroline and I used the facility.
(Tom, who let me ride along with him, is on the right)

4 guys + dog

No friend like a like-minded, outdoorsy, ATV-ing friend!
I am blessed to know this wonderful lady.
Thank you for your love, Caroline!

Caroline & Jan

I wish this panoramic picture was brighter for you to see the vista better!
Pictures just don’t do it justice!


The wildflowers were beautiful.
Hard to capture their charm!

We traveled back past the rushing stream as we headed home.

Rushing Stream

It was a long, windy road back down the mountain
before it leveled off…

Gravelly Range road

Then a long, scenic road home
through sheep and goat farms
(should have got some pictures of them) …

long road home -ATV

Many thanks to Tom Riggs for letting me ride along
on his Polaris Ranger side-by-side!

From Gravelleys to MadisonValley

There’s our Madison Valley down there.
We were a long way up (above the 8,000 ft level).
Home is at 5,000 ft
I love our view!

Home Sweet Home


When are you gonna visit Montana?

Come and go ATV-ing and then
come sit awhile on the porch with me!

heart of love
See ya tomorrow

Comments on: "Montana Four-Wheeling" (11)

  1. So much fun!! Beautiful photos!

  2. Salivating over here! Montana is now on my list of destinations!!

  3. Wow! These pictures are amazing. I have driven along some of the highways that surround the Tobacco Root Mountains, but your four-wheeling adventure brings wonderful and scenic views.

    I see snow in the higher elevations, which reminds me of recent snowfall in places such as Big Sky and the Beartooth Highway.

    • Yes, the snow in the upper elevations keeps coming. It’s been a long winter! Thanks for commenting. I do enjoy time on those mountain trails! <3

  4. Looking to maybe give this trail a try. Can you give me some specifics on how to look it up. We would ride in Sept. Coming from the BZN area with friends from WI. Thank you.
    Beth Moos

    • I’ll give you a call when Bob is here to give directions. There are several choices for trails out of our Ennis area into the Gravellys or the Tobacco Root mountains.

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