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Stay Positive

Stay Positive

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Today is my Happy Day!

Today is a good day to be alive!

I get to go out four-wheeling in the mountains with friends.

Bob is going fishing – and I don’t drive the four-wheeler.

I could, but only to the grocery store and back on flat, back roads.

Not on rough, rocky, twisty-turny steep and dangerous mountain trails!

Well, they don’t have to be dangerous… but they woud be if I was driving!

So, a friend whose wife is choosing to go to a meeting instead of going ATVing

Has invited me to occupy his empty seat in his Polaris Ranger side-by-side.

We’ll be with a few other “Happy, Warm, and Genuine People.”

Stay tuned for pictures. It should be a beautiful day!

heart of love
See ya later!

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  1. I can relate to not wanting to drive on rough terrain. It’s enough of a challenge for me to drive well on the paved streets in my suburb.

  2. Jan, enjoy a safe and scenic day under the Big Montana Sky.

  3. Enjoy the day – as I am sure you will

  4. Very uplifting! Thank you.

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