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Looking for Greater Meaning

I am always exploring ways to add more meaning to my daily life. Are you?

I want a greater understanding of:

  • who I am,
  • how to decode the world around me
  • what my purpose is here on earth,
  • and how I can live more intentionally to fulfill that purpose.

Do we need to have reached some “state of enlightenment”
in order to decode the world around us?

photography of book page

In their book, Spiritual Literacy,
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
wrote the following,
“Some traditions do see such understanding as
a gift or ‘awakening,’ but we believe it is a skill
that can be developed.”

Seeing the Spirit Within

“Such understanding” is defined by the Brussats as the ability to decode the world around us by seeing the sacred in everyday life. They suggest that we look to see the working of the Holy Spirit in our common activities: cooking, eating, working, walking, listening, visiting, praying … Recognize the Spirit moving in our lives through encounters with places, things, people, nature, and animals. Know that the message of the Holy Spirit personifies the greatest commandment: Love One Another. Cultivate the ability, the skill, to tune into the Spirit within you.

close up of tree against sky

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Loving Unconditionally

Loving One Another unconditionally is made possible by our ability to see the divine in one another. When we value each other’s gifts, when we see every other human being  as a Child of One Creator, then we are better able to respond to the Spirit within us.

In his foreword to Spiritual Literacy, Thomas Moore wrote, “It’s odd that after thousands of years of great spiritual example… we have to remind ourselves that spirituality is to be found in everyday life.”

Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy

The Brussats created an Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy with pointers on how certain practices can spell greater meaning in our daily lives.

I have an affection for using the alphabet as a stimulus for positive thoughts. I wrote an A-Z series last year on the subject, “What Makes Me Happy?” It was the start of my 180 consecutive days of blogging here at JanBeek.

So, I am naturally attracted to the Brussat’s Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy. I intend to use it as a new A-Z series here on JanBeek. In so doing, I hope to encourage you, my readers, to cultivate a spiritual vision while keeping an eye on the secular world. I hope to learn with you how we can unite our world views with our spiritual views. Wake up our Spiritual Literacy!

Restore Lost Bonds

I don’t want to live in La-La Land. I don’t want to experience a broad, impenetrable chasm between my social and my spiritual life. Thomas Moore explained that the Brussat’s purpose in writing Spiritual Literacy was to “restore lost bonds between spirit and matter, body and mind, church and home, work and prayer.”

I want my secular and spiritual lives to be in alignment. Do you?

Joint Effort

Let’s explore together ways to add more meaning to our daily lives, ways to decode the world around us, ways to live more intentionally to fulfill our purpose. Okay? Are you with me?

Let’s begin with A.


A = Attention

Comments on: "Adding Meaning to Your Daily Life" (30)

  1. Uplifting. I will pay further attention

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  2. Available, God is always available.

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  3. Loving unconditionally one another can be possible in some way brightens my mood, indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope your mood can be brightened daily with my A-Z series – that’s my goal. Spread a little positivity and a lotta love – everyday!! Thank you for visiting! Come again.

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  4. Jan, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. If you choose to participate, here’s the link! 🤗🌻



  5. Nope! No wall here! 🙌😄

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  6. Thank you for this divine post, Jan! ❤

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  7. beautiful, thank you!

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    • You are such a positive responder, Jimmy. I appreciate your visit – and taking time to leave a comment. You’re the best!


  8. Uplifting and inspirational. Well done.

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  9. Love it! 🤗

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  10. Loved this blog. Came here accidentally, but I hope to keep visiting. My “A” would be for awareness in every moment , one of the most difficult things , but which is guaranteed to bring oneself go deeper into ourselves . So wise sould say . I’m trying to practice that. It does make sense, I feel.

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  11. This resonates. We are Spirit, Soul, & Body, so it makes perfect sense that we would be cohesive in life. I believe that Spirit-led living is the way to this integration of living, for which I am most grateful. Thank you Jan, for sharing this encouragement. ♥

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  12. Nicely written. This is a thought-provoking piece. Thank you for sharing your words to the world.

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  13. rickyracer42 said:

    Too neat. Love your blogging!! New follower!! ❤️🙌

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