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“What is the one aspect of your life… that you wished [people] understood better?”

The answer this presidential candidate gave was so honest, so transparent, and spoken with such elegance, it made me wonder if I was faced with that question on national television (or just here on WordPress), how would I respond?

How would YOU respond?

I am not familiar with that articulate candidate’s name. I think it starts with a K. Do you know her?

If you are a USA citizen, are you listening to the Presidential Town Hall discussions?

Mental health vs physical health treatment is a part of the discussion.

“The scourge on our country” – waiting lines for veterans to get mental health help, and the number of suicides among veterans is such an important subject. How would you deal with it if you ruled the world?

What are the issues that matter most to you?

What are you doing about those issues?

The aspect of my life that I wish people understood better is:

  • I am not who I used to be
  • I am not who I am going to be
  • I am a work in progress

Please don’t judge me by my past, nor confine me to a predetermined path for my future.

Our Presidential Town Hall forums are a great way to see the people running for our USA President –

How is breaking up big businesses like Google & Amazon good for me?

Did you listen to the answer Elizabeth Warren gave to that question?

How would you answer it?

What are some other questions that are important to you? This young man asked,

How can I know you’ll back legislation that keeps our law enforcement safe?

Along with that answer, the issues of racial discrimination and gun safety and universal background checks were raised.

What other questions/subjects are important to you?

How can we know who would be the best candidate, the most effective next president? How do we know our vote will count anyway?

How is our Democracy going to proceed through all of this?

Where is my “Loving One Another” in all this?

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