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We used to have a family of six Hungarian Partridge who hung around our front yard under the evergreen trees.

In the back yard there were three. They buried themselves in the snow. I tried to show them to you through the screen of my bedroom window.

All you could make out was a couple of dark blurry bumps!

This morning I noticed only five in that family that used to be six!

This afternoon I discovered why. I think one flew into our kitchen window.

All that was left of that lovely bird was a few scattered feathers.

I hope it wasn’t our frisky Boston Terrier who devoured the rest of the bird.

I didn’t see any feather residue on her when she came back in🤪💔

TazE, did you devour our lovely partridge!?

Think I should put some decals on the windows?

Comments on: "…And then there were five" (5)

  1. 😊

  2. Oh dear. The puppy will never tell!

  3. Any raptors about?

    • Yup, the hawks are back. And, there’s a fox in the neighborhood, too. TazE told me I was crazy to think she’d eat a raw bird covered in feathers! Yuck!!

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