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You Said to Do What??

You said for me to do what??
Love my enemies??

Are you crazy? How am I supposed to do that??

Yesterday’s sermon dealt with this scripture:
Luke 6:27-38 – – – telling us not to condemn or hate!

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In the face of needless shootings and bombings,
In the midst of war and suppression,
You said for me to do what???
“Love Your Enemies!”

Oh sure!

Here are my notes from the sermon by Rev. Jean Johnson
at the Madison Valley Presbyterian Church in Ennis, MT
preached yesterday, February 24, 2019:

We excuse and justify our own faults
While magnifying those same faults in others.
By our own human nature,
We condemn our sisters and brothers.

Oh sure, there are some easier than others
To love and enjoy being around,
But Jesus asks us to actually love
Those who annoy us. Is that advice sound?

How can we eliminate grudges
And love those who hate us?
How can we look beyond wrongs
And ignore the way they bait us?

Jesus said we’re never justified
In hating – even those who mistreat us.
Do good to and pray for those who
Ignore us or laugh at those who greet us.

They not only show us disrespect,
But they insult us to our best friend.
How are we to turn the other cheek
To those who rob and curse us without end?

Jesus commands we give more than
Expected, and do it without expectation
Of anything in return. Follow the Golden Rule
And in heaven enjoy the celebration.

The bottom line is to live in love.
Love everyone – – – especially those who hate.
Everybody loves lovers, but we must do more.
Love the loveless… Now, before it’s too late!


The question I asked was, “How?”
How do we love our enemies?
Certainly not on our own.

It takes divine guidance
and help from above.
Pray, my friends.
Only through
Him who loved us first
Can we love others

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Comments on: "You Said to Do What??" (10)

  1. That’s the only way that is commandment is possible.
    Amen good word Jan.

  2. I really pondered on this post and the topic as well. And it’s true that we need divine guidance and help from God alone who loves us unconditionally. I know it won’t be an easy thing to do but through God’s help, we sure will do it! God bless you richly for sharing this inspiring post here!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely response. I’m glad the post caused you to ponder the message. I certainly have given great thought to it, too. Ain’t easy to love our enemies!

  3. Amen! So beautifully written Jan. This Agape Love is not base on an conditional emotion of circumstance. It’s so much more, we need His guidance.
    InHisCare πŸ™

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