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Slow Down the Pace

body of water across forest

Photo by Manuela Adler on Pexels.com

Slow down the pace of
This busy and frenetic life
Float on the waters of grace
With time that is free from all strife
Practice the art of just ceasing
Give honor and value to time
Ponder the minutes and hours
Value moments to write and to rhyme
Writing is not akin to working
It’s not a task, not for me
I rest in sweet Otim Sanctum:
Holy Leisure and divine creativity
You can turn up the secular pace of
Negotium: those non-leisure hours
But let sacred rhythm enchant you
And drench you in replenishing showers

beautiful bloom blooming blur

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.com

Comments on: "Slow Down the Pace" (8)

  1. Absolutely refreshing and soul filling!

  2. André and I have definitely slowed down the pace and it’s wonnnnnderful!!!!!! Lovely poem, ma!

    • Thanks, DeDe. I’m glad you liked it … and I am delighted that you and Andre’ have found the light… and are enjoying the freedom of a time for breathing more easily!

  3. Fine sentiments

    • Good morning, Derrick! Thanks fr your faithful visit and encouraging comment. Have a blessed day – with continued healing and even greater mobility each day. <3

      • Thanks very much, Jan. You will soon know it hasn’t been a good day

      • I’m sorry to know that… but I find the not so good days really are designed to help me appreciate more the better ones. Thank God for tomorrow! (Obviously I wrote this comment before I knew the extent of your “not so good.”) It will be many, many tomorrows before this hole in your hert and life can start to heal. I am soooo sorry, Derrick! My love and prayers are with you and Jackie and your family. <3 <3

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