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The Quiet Voice


The snowy day
the outside’s miserable
the temperature’s so low
The house is warm
the cold wind howls
the motion in – is slow

The coffee perks
the cup invites
the second refill now
The Lord awaits
the rocking chair
the heart that takes a bow

The journey up
the entry stairs
the place I feel devout
The Bible’s open
the Holy Spirit’s peace
the voice that seldom shouts

The invitation to be
the person God created
the inspiration to give
The joyful life
the life of service
the voice calls me to live


Do you hear Him, too?

Comments on: "The Quiet Voice" (4)

  1. Lovely poem Jan, and good to know all is snug and warm with hot drinks inside while the snow blows cold outside..
    Wishing you a lovely rest of the week <3

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