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Happy 80th

Living to be eighty

Takes health and love galore.

But living to be ninety

Takes a heck of a lot more.

man wearing blue jacket holding a brown stick towards the heart drawn on sand

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So what’s the magic secret?

What’s  longevity based upon?

Ask a host of a octogenarians

They’ll describe a marathon.

group of people walking on pavement

Photo by Joey Fernandez on Pexels.com

Life’s a race to finish –

And your run has highs and lows,

But if you’re extra blessed, then

You’ll have more friends than foes.


So keep on track and step up

To the line every single day.

And if you’re blessed as this guy is,

You’ll be 80 pushing 90 someday!


Happy 80th Birthday, Bob.
It’s been a great race so far.
Ninety — here we come!
Keep smilin’ –  wherever you are!!

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  1. Happy 80th birthday Bob. What a milestone to achieve! Wishing you many more years! Have a great one! I celebrate with you on your special day. 🎉🎉🎈

  2. A happy tribute

  3. Oh what a fabulous poem in tribute to Bob’s 80th.. Happy Birthday.. and many more to come..
    Wishing you both a wonderful and Happy New year.. <3 Sue

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