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Is Resolve in Your DNA?

My husband shared with me

in a conversation this morning

that he thinks people either have it

or they don’t.

“Resolve is in your DNA,” he said.

I totally disagree.

I believe the ability to be persistent,

the tendancy to follow through,

the earnest decision to act on something,

the willingness to actually do it,

all are opportunities that are new,

New every morning.

What do you think?

Does “Resolve” need to be a part

of your DNA?

Or can you find new Resolve today?

What can you Resolve to do what

you have been putting off?

Away with procrastination!

Find and polish your Resolve today!

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  1. Hi Jan… I’d say each moment we can resolve or not… no pressure though! I like a relaxed life😘 much love to you and thanks for finding me here on WordPress. Love Barbara x

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