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True Awakening

A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part III

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Vibrancy After the Awakening

Awakening to the coming of death
Is a True Awakening experience.
Much as I love the colors of autumn,
I realize these leaves are on their way out.

The vibrancy of fall leaves
Reminds me of the sudden, unexpected
Alertness of both my parents
Just before they left this earth.

Dad was unable to speak,
But his face shone and a tear
Trickled down his cheek as
He blinked in response to my question.

He squeezed my hand and blinked
When I asked him, “Will I see you
When I get to Heaven someday?”
That affirmation fills my heart always.

Mom was aware that she was breathing
Her last earthly breaths when she whispered,
“Go home. You have a big day tomorrow.
You need your rest. I am ready to go!”

Even though I tried to convince her
That it doesn’t work that way,
That God doesn’t take orders, and she
Can’t tell him, “Get my room ready!”

She knew. She was ready. And He better
Come now  – – – and have that spot for her
Next to her beloved husband of 60 years
Ready for her heavenly occupancy.

Sure enough. I received a call saying
She had breathed her last breath
That night – and her True Awakening
Was in that room – ready and waiting.

Mom and Dad are as vibrant today
As the bright orange aspen in autumn.
The blink, the squeeze, and the last of
The Mother-Daughter instructions live on!

Go home! You have a big day tomorrow.
You need your rest, so be prepared.
Get the room ready… guests are coming.
And you must be prepared for their

True Awakening!


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  1. What a beautiful deep awakening you opened up to us Jan… yes… when we realise the truth of life, how there is no death only new beginnings… Thankyou for your heartfelt words. Much love, Barbara x

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  3. This is just beautiful, I came via Barbara’s and so pleased you shared this wonderful experience of two beautiful souls passing from life to LIFE..
    Having talked my Dad over to the other side no one can understand the privilege of seeing their transition unfold or the feeling received in love..
    And yes, I know they are together preparing a room when the time comes..

    Love and Blessings..
    Sue 🙂

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  5. I love this poem of contemplation. The reality of fall is that winter is almost upon us! Well done Jan.

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