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Here’s the Ear to Hear


The ear to hear
Does not always work
It can change its tune
Take a break and shirk

I took its job for granted
Until one day I found
Sounds came to me distorted
Like vibrations from underground

I couldn’t hear my footsteps
Voices seemed far off
It all began last month
With a cold and nagging cough

I didn’t have the symptoms
Of others with the flu
I had no fever or body ache
Just couldn’t quite hear you

Unless I watched your mouth
Or you spoke up loud and clear,
Your voice seemed all muffled
Especially in my left ear

I kept expecting it to pop
And open up one day
Like it does when you go flying
Then land and yawn and say “Hooray!”

But it has been a month now
And the situation’s worse
The hearing test affirmed the fact
I’m blessed with a hearing curse

Last month my sister stayed with us
She has a hearing problem, too
I let the need to repeat myself
Annoy me more than a time or two

So now I think the Lord above
Is teaching me a lesson
See how it feels in a soundless tunnel
Compassion’s growing, I’m a-guessin’

A hearing aid may be the next
Tool that helps my plight
Just as my seamless bifocals
Improved my failing sight

The audiologist instructed me
To set aside my fears
And open my mind to admit
Aids can help as we add on years

I learned that ignoring it
And thinking I’ll make do
Is not a good alternative
Cuz loss of sound will damage you

It’s not just that it’s annoying
It actually hurts the brain
When sounds decrease and we
Receive the signal with too much strain

Brain cells actually stop working
They shrivel up and die
When they stop getting the stimuli
And scientists know why

They’ve studied this phenomena
There’s evidence to prove
Unused syntax disappear when they don’t
Get the sounds that make them move.

Isolation and depression are
Effects that can set in
And so might dementia start
These facts made my head spin

So here’s my ear that used to hear
I’m ready for it to work again
But just in case it doesn’t mind
I won’t delay; I’ll sport a grin

And listen to my ENT who says
A hearing aid is right for me
I’ll wear the damn thing faithfully
To keep my brains cells working actively.

Jan Beekman

Comments on: "Here’s the Ear to Hear" (3)

  1. That sucks, my friend….not the poem, the condition. We are always afraid we won’t be able to see. To hear. We rely on all our senses so much that when something interrupts them it spells doom and gloom. But in the reality of things, you don’t need to hear a sunset, or a rainbow, or even a grandbaby laughing. You know instantly the pleasure they all bring to you, and that works its way to your ear. And I’m proud of you for going the hearing aid way…I’ve known people who were too vain to wear one, and all they said was, “What?”

    • I’m loving these hearing aids, Claudia. Do you know they can sync to my TV speakers and the speaker on my phone and the sound comes directly to me? I can control the TV volume on my phone, so my husband can sit next to me with his chosen volume different from mine. It’s great!

  2. Thanks for your empathy, Claudia. I’ll let you know how the trial test with hearing aides goes. I get a trial pair next Tuesday.

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