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My Daily Life

As I go about my daily life,
I’m conscious of God’s presence..
I know God lives within me;
God’s light is my existence.

As I choose the things to do each day,
I reflect on His Will in prayer.
I know that wherever I am,
The Holy Spirit also is there.

If I frown and drag my feet each day,
If I begrudge my work and grumble,
My attitude will become contagious
And I’ll cause those near me to stumble.

But if I smile and do my work with joy,
Then God’s love will shine right through.
That’s my prayer for my daily life –
May God’s love and peace rub off on you!


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  1. Our attitudes certainly do affect others. Well written! Thanks for sharing!

    • “Rad Change,” thank you for dropping by and adding an affirmative comment. Your positive attitude certainly brings sunshine to my day!

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