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Daily writing prompt
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The value of tidbits of advice differs as we hear them at different times in our lives.

As a young child, my mom’s advice always included words of encouragement:
“Let your light shine.”
“You can be anything you decide you want to be.”
“You are more than good enough.”
“Take it one day at a time.”

Mom certainly let her light shine!!

Later in life, I have discovered that I can receive valuable advice daily by reading my Bible, reading devotionals written by Christ-like, modern-day disciples, and listening to compassionate friends. They say things like:

We should never tire of seeking advice and heeding the words of wise counsel.
http://www.Motivational Words of Wisdom.com always has sound advice.

It’s hard (in fact impossible for me) to narrow pieces of advice down to the one best.
How about you?

God’s latest advice to me was, “Slow down and watch where you’re going!”
Do you hear God’s advice being shouted in your ear at times, too?

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  1. My Mom was a wonderful source of sage advice. Like you, way too many excellent examples to narrow it to one best. However, one of the best is “always prepare for the worst and work for the best.”

  2. Love the advice page! Is that an old picture or new?
    Yikes! Black eyes are scary! A bit too early for Halloween.

  3. Jackie Stockley said:

    Oh Jan, please be careful my lovely lady. hope bruises fade fast. X Jackie K.

    • Thank you, Jackie. Those on face are from an old injury. The new ones are not in a picture place 🤪 yes… I hope they fade fast, too. Thank you 😊

  4. I trust you will bounce back, Jan X

  5. Always keep hope.

  6. Sending you healing wishes – stay safe!

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