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Favorite Food

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  1. DeDeBee said:

    Uhm….are donuts really your favorite food? I kind of don’t think so!

    • I was given a prompt … What’s your favorite food … and the photo came up and I ran out of time to elaborate. It’s now 7:20 pm … and I’m back from the park etc etc etc… too tired to deal with it. Saskia & Laszlo will be here in an hour 🤪

    • Elaina Colby said:

      Donuts are amazing! But I know one of your favorite things to order is rack of lamb or chops! Mmmmm!

  2. Dana Pulliam said:

    One of my favorite “foods” is good conversation — with a wunnerful friend and a side of food and fine beverages. Some of my favorite memories are doing just that with you! Miss and love you, Jan! 💞

  3. Peter Martin said:

    Ok. As a former teacher you should know when a student has done a great job on their homework. But who am I to question the donut theory. I prefer the cherry or blueberry fritter. Apple cinnamon is always a good backup plan.

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