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What is happening to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters is unbelievable! My heart hurts for them. What can we do to stop Putin’s madness? It is unprovoked murder. God, stop this madness!!!

It is impossible to imagine why these atrocities are occurring. Pray for peace. Pray for God’s miracle to save this country and its people and stop the bloodshed.

What else besides prayer can we do? Donate to a trusted organization such as UNICEF or Presbyterian Relief Fund or Doctors Without Borders where we know the money will go to the intended targets – the people of Ukraine and the helpers sent there to provide aid.

These kinds of unprovoked attacks and deadly occupation have got to be deemed unlawful – a war crime – punishable in the world courts. Enough already!! Stop the madness!!!

What do you think we ordinary concerned citizens should do? What would help the Ukrainians the most?

This is all surreal. Unbelievable!!

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  1. Indeed it is surreal, it’s cruelty at the highest level and I agree world government needs to address the unprovoked attacks on ordinary citizens just trying to live the life that God gave them. Prayers continue for Ukraine 🇺🇦 💙💛💙💛

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  2. Jan, I join you and so many in prayers for this madness and injustice upon our friends and family in Ukraine! “We plead for peace, Father.” It’s hard for me to focus on my day to day. I need to write. I have a story about my recent activity. And then I feel guilty! Here I am experiencing such a blessed life while all this is going on. I have to pray! I want to help!

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  3. Continuing to pray. Sooo saddened by the unprovoked bombing that is killing innocent citizens. It’s all so inhumane!


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