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Stress Less

We overdid ourselves today with five “not so simple” tasks:
1) Get helpers to reassemble our fridge, move it back into the kitchen, and hook it up to water, etc.
2) Move the downstairs rug & pad up into the dining room
3) Move the living room rug and pad back to its place
4) Hang a few pictures back on the wall in the hallway and entry
5) Vacuum the new floors in the living room, dining room, and kitchen & dust everything

It was harder than it sounds – even with wonderful helpers!!

I am going to go to Bob with #8 and then
Take you up on #5

Which of those 9 pieces of advice
do you think will work best for you today?

gotta clean that fridge and put stuff back into it
(Oh – it’ll be so nice to have it accessible again!)

Good night!

Thanks for visiting JanBeek today…
See ya tomorrow (God willing)…

Ah TazE… she beat me to bed!!

Comments on: "Stress Less" (7)

  1. I had a good walk and it worked out great!😀

  2. Wow! Please don’t overdo things! One step at a time! Sweet TaZe ❤️❤️❤️ But bravo for accomplishing all that!

    • It seemed like a greater – much greater – task than it sounds! Those rugs are 8’ x 10’ and very heavy. Thank God for our helpers!

  3. We’ve been taking advantage of being inside for the winter to finally remodel our bathroom. Dust and drywall and dirt and constant rearranging really can get to you! Take an appreciation break now and then and all will be well.

    • Thank you. I am doing just that! Good for you for remodeling your bathroom. We accomplished that task about 5 years ago. Great results! Hope you’re happy with yours.

  4. Anonymous said:

    We can really identify – as I’m sure you know. Breathing is always good 🙂

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